Time to Learn

I realized in a panic after the first couple of days that knowing how to mark-up header, paragraph, and break tags and knowing how to use the magic wand, clone-stamp, and levels tools in Photoshop wasn’t much foundational knowledge to have coming into this program.  I really doubted I had the existing skillset I should have to make any sense out of what was being taught at the speed with which all the information was coming at me.

I should add that way back when I last went to school, I studied philosophy. I mention this because studying philosophy is worlds away from studying an applied technology. In the humanities you listen, think, and discuss. In technology you mimic, observe the result, and practice. Completely different paths to learning and this new path is completely foreign to me. My panicked thoughts were “I’m just being shown how this stuff is done. How am I going to understand how to do this stuff myself without focusing on the theory behind it? How am I supposed to actually learn it so I can do it myself if I’m just doing what he’s doing?”

But I’m was in and I was committed. I kept telling myself they know this stuff, they’ve taught this program before, and they’ve taught many others just like me. I should just sit down, pay attention and trust in the process.

So that’s what I did and that’s what I do. I sit in class and mimic and observe. I watch as simple words and symbols arranged into codes transform into webpages filled with images, color, and formatted text that can grown and shrink. And afterwards I sit and practice it so I can do it myself. And you know what? I find that I am learning. Want proof? A result of this first month, appropriately, is this calendar, our first assignment. I’m kinda proud of it: I coded it myself.


2 thoughts on “Time to Learn

  1. It’s hard for me to imagine what all this web coding and design software looks like to someone who is learning it fresh, as it has been a long time for me to look at it that way. Your blog post really put me in your mind-state, and I’m really thankful you wrote this and explained it so vividly.

    Your calendar turned out great! I’m really glad you stuck to it and didn’t get discouraged … it is a different kind of learning experience, but as you can see by what you can accomplish after 5 weeks, it does work. Keep this momentum going and you’ll be able to conquer the upcoming topics in no time!


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